Friday, March 2, 2012

How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students?

Blogs are very amazing in exploring people's opinion and how they view things generally.
So, for my students I would highly recommend them to use it. I would give them some of the home-works to post it in their blogs which will be an open answer type of questions just so they will feel more confident and free in using the English language and their opinion.  
Wiki, Oh wiki, I have a bad experience with this site and I don't really think its something our students in KSA are ready for it. But I have to say that it has some benefits. For example, I can give my students an online quiz so I could evaluate their progress. this is something for sure I would love to do in order to keep up with the class and not to leave anyone behind.
Delicious would be an AMAZING site. I would post them with good materials that are available online. direct them to video links that will help them in understanding some lessons. They will also be invited to share links that they might help their fellows in the class. Delicious will definitely be a helping tool outside the classroom to expose students to the language. 

A reflection to Mr.Prensky's article about Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

Mr. Prensky defined in his article who are the digital natives and digital immigrants.

He referred to the new generation of students as " native speakers of the digital language of the computers, video games and the internet". Where as digital immigrants are those who got attracted to the digital world at a later stage of their life.

A Digital Immigrant teacher believe that their students can not learn efficiently while they listen to music or watch a TV. this is only because the immigrant teacher is incapable of multitasking the way the student do.

Another thing about the Digital Immigrant teacher. They think students are the same as before, means they think that what has worked on them when they were students is still effective in their students now. 

Also, Digital Immigrant teacher will never be able to compete with his Digital Native students because as we know when you are born and raised with a new thing it becomes a part of you and your identity not like when it comes to you after you grow up with a different system.

A Digital Native students are little impatient to the old traditional methods of teaching all because they are used to the fast flow of information on TV channels, internet, e-books, and mobile phones etc. They are also very good at multitasking. They like games more than real work.

There is a new term mentioned in the article which is " Digital immigrant accent". It means the way a person try adapting to the new environment "new technology" but still fails to fully acquire this accent. For example, instead of looking for information on the internet, they go the old style and look for the information in books first. Another example would be calling your friend to make sure they received your link and its working. The last example is making your friends come to your office to see a new video or a picture when you can simply send it to their emails.

Mr. Prensky says that there is a very serious and big problem educators should be aware of which is " our Digital Immigrant instructors, who speak an outdated language (that of the pre-digital age), are struggling to teach a population that speaks an entirely new language."

Its almost impossible for teachers to make their students learn in the traditional and old fashion way. We have to look at it the same way we look at the natives of a country or a culture and the immigrants. Those students are Natives of a new area " technology " it will be hard for them to shift their ways of thinking to suit our comfort. They " the students" crated a new way for them to learn things and as teachers we have to figure out how to attract their attention and make them interested in the class.

If digital immigrant teachers want to reach their students, teachers have to change, change their method of teaching to suit their students. They have to be creative about it and at the end they will successes.